“He did fantastic work!”

Dean was contacted by us to build a set of shelves and cabinets in a new library and office in our home. We believed he could do a good job and that proved to be understated – he did fantastic work! We used his help to develop the design of shelving to fill the 27’ by 16’ library, taking advantage of his suggestions to vary the depth to add relief and place cabinets to break up the long shelves. He recommended natural-finished African mahogany, which turned out to be a beautiful choice.

In the office, we added more shelves and a full-length credenza with file drawers. A large cabinet hides the door to the storage room. Again, all work was in mahogany. Dean responded true to his schedule and always arrived promptly. The inevitable challenges of custom building, such as walls not perfectly flat or square, were handled well.

Once finished, we realized something was still missing, so we commissioned a library table from Dean. It is solid mahogany, 7’ by 3’ of custom design, with a bookshelf below (naturally, since this is a library). It adds that piece de resistance centerpiece. We would certainly strongly recommend Dean for craftsmanship and responsive contracting.
R. K.

“We feel like we’re walking into a magazine every morning…”

We’ve lived in our house for 9 years and have been updating room by room. We knew we purchased a custom built home, but didn’t realize until we started our rehab projects that all of the cabinetry in the house were custom sizes, so stock cabinets were not an option for replacement. When we decided to redo our bathroom last year, our friends recommended Dean to us for our bathroom vanities. Dean built us the most beautiful Black Walnut vanities, with a matching custom cabinet that is also a hamper. We feel like we’re walking into a magazine every morning when we walk into our bathroom. Dean is incredible to work with, he takes the ideas and thoughts that you give him and designs to fit your request. The quality of his work is absolutely unmatched, and we can’t imagine buying any type of cabinetry or woodwork from anyone else now. Since the bathroom project was completed, we’ve recommended Dean to numerous other friends and family, who have all had Dean build custom cabinetry for them.

Our most recent project with Dean was our fireplace. My husband thought that there was nothing wrong with the fireplace that was in our house, I thought it was an eyesore and didn’t “fit” with the rest of the décor in our house. My original thought was to have it rebuilt with stone to cover the brick, but after the work Dean did for us with our bathroom vanities, I knew that Dean would be able to design the perfect fireplace for our house. As you can see from the picture, it is a work of art. It is now a centerpiece and focal point of our house. People stop when they come in the house, and most commonly say, “Oh my God, that fireplace is incredible!” and can’t believe how it’s changed the look of the family room. What made it even better was that there was no demo or mess, Dean built this to fit over the existing fireplace!

Both my husband and I would not hesitate to recommend Dean for any custom cabinetry work.
Kim & Bryan S.

“Dean is a true craftsman…”

My husband and I chose Dean as our custom kitchen contractor after 
investigating several other options. We were not only pleased with the
 quote, but more important, the comfort and ease which we found when Dean came 
to our home. He thoroughly listened to our wishes, made suggestions and was 
receptive and timely in all work. He was in contact with us at all times
 and could be reached with questions via phone, email and text on a moment’s 
notice. Dean was at our home daily throughout the whole process and at no
 time did we wonder who would be there or when. And did I mention
 quality? Dean is a true craftsman – our cabinets are beautiful and of the 
highest quality ever seen. We would highly recommend Godshall Woodcraft and 
are extremely pleased with the outcome of our project.
Judy & Shel E.